Monday, August 8, 2011

Smallville: Season 10

     From a gadget wielding, martial artist in a bat suit, to a superhuman alien from Krypton, the time has finally been announced when Smallville:  Season 10 will be released on DVD and Bluray.  Season Nine left fans wondering what happened between Zod and Clark/Superman, but for those, like myself, that missed season 10 on television, our anticipation will become overwhelming powerful before its release.  Amazon is already taking pre-orders on this season, but I'm almost certain we will see a complete 10 season series box set before the final release.  This was such an amazing show and for all the Superman fans out there, hopefully this will spark an even greater love for our favorite superhero! 
The Man of Steel's final season hits shelves November 29, 2011.    

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