Monday, August 25, 2014

Miscellaneous Mondays

     Growing up, my father was enamored by the game of golf.  As a young child, I always remember loving to go to the course with him and driving the cart, while he played against friends.  Then, we would almost always stop at a restaurant on the way home to eat dinner together.  Eating out was a big deal because we lived 30 minutes from the nearest town and thus we savored it, unlike today.
     Anyhow, I never truly understood the game of golf until I started Middle School and my dad signed me up for golf lessons by a course pro.  The summer before my 8th grade year, I absolutely fell in love with the game and couldn't stay away from the course.  That entire summer, I would arrive to the course early for swim team practice and once that was finished, I would head out for at least one round before calling it a day.  After high school, I have not had the time to play much, thus my game has significantly declined.
     Until the past couple years, I could not get into watching golf on TV though.  It just felt boring and slow to me, however I have since found the passion and now attempt to watch every weekend.  My wife puts up with me when I claim the TV on Sundays, but she totally understands when the Masters or another major championship is on; partly because its all I can talk about for weeks leading up.  
     Golf is such a magical, yet frustrating sport that is not for the fainthearted.  It requires a great level of humility and patience to understand and enjoy the game.  I urge anyone to at least try golfing, regardless of your overall feelings toward the game.  Once the golfing bug takes hold, its extremely hard to shake.

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