Thursday, August 21, 2014

    Tech Thursdays...PS4 Dilemma  

     Since Sony has remastered The Last of Us on PS4, I have joked with my wife Suz that I want a PS4.  I've had a PS3 since release, but played my Xbox 360 much more, as few friends had a PS3.  I only really played it when exclusives, such as God of War or Last of Us, released.
     When the new systems launched last year, I preordered the Xbox One because I trust Microsoft to deliver an exceptional product.  I feel that they have succeeded and love my X1; however, with exclusive games such as The Last of Us and Order 1886 on the horizon, I really want to pick up a PS4.
     I received this email from Gamestop last night and am greatly enticed to pick up a PS4 this weekend.  Even though I probably wouldn't play Infamous Second Son, having the free game and discounted PS Plus Membership is much better than paying $400 outright for just the system.
     Decisions, decisions...

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